The four "team" builders accompanied by their dance groups.

Have fun and entertain

Without the floats it is not Carnival, but without music and dance there is no fun! So, what do we do about it? We roll up our sleeves to build the floats and create choreographies. From the right mix of ingenuity and creativity the Art and dance groups are formed.

The Grand Carnival of Maiori boasts the participation of four main and close-knit groups, which include entire families and groups of friends, also from neighboring towns.
"We’re all in this together", we would like to say. And that's right!  


Nuovi Pazzi

The name chosen for this group leaves little to the imagination ... Their special motto?
I'm crazy but I’m proud of it! 


Amici di Sempre

A commendable association born to celebrate the indelible memory of a special friend, madly in love with life and the Grand Carnival!


I Monelli

Rascals yes, but for a right cause: to bring joy and lightheartedness to everybody, shouting to the sky: "We’re the Rascals!"



Gli Invisili / Alcastar is an association that unites two groups merged into a single array of smiles and colors.

Grand Carnival of Maiori

Amalfi Coast


+ (39) 389 672 9968
Maiori, 84010 (SA)

11th - 13th - 18th February 2024