Papier-mâché Masters

The leaders who keep tradition alive with flair and imagination.

Four hearts and a shed

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the papier-mâché masterpieces that parade among the cheerful crowd of the Grand Carnival of Maiori? Or rather, who? Here is the answer: it's all in the wonderful minds of four maestros: each one of them with his own background, artistic roots, and the unshakable certainty of being able to give so much for this great event.
How? Bringing luster to the past and traveling to the future


Alessio Pisani

Born in 1989, his story begins in 2010, when he decided to join some friends from the "Nuovi Pazzi" group. His first float was "Hannibal the American" and it was an immediate success!
Art is in Alessio's veins, who lends his artistic skills to several activities during the year: set designer for summer events, nativity artist at Christmas, etc.
Graduated from the Salerno Art School, Alessio will take part in the 48th edition of the Maiori Carnival


Alessio Moscariello

Young talent Alessio Moscariello, of the "Friends Forever" group, born in 1988, is one who represents the new and enterprising school of the Masters of the Carnival. The craftsmanship of iron and papier-mâché modelling, make Alessio a young artist but with undisputed experience. He learned like many, carefully observing the great masters of the past, and with a lot of practice, from year to year experimenting with his creativity and his way of conceiving art! At 31 he has already got 20 Carnivals in his pocket, a real record for such a young guy!


Antonio Mennella

Born in 1980, Antonio Mennella is the example of living in symbiosis with the Grand Carnival of Maiori. He grew up in the 90s with the legendary "Schizzichea" group and the Maestro Massimo Criscuolo. After that he joined the “Sbullonati” group of Maestro Gaspare Pisani, who made him one of the leaders of the Carnival, before creating his own group “I Monelli”.


Salvatore Di Bianco "O Ciciniello"

Salvatore is a multifaceted figure of our Grand Carnival. He began his adventure as a 9-year-old with the Pagliacci group, in dire straits. Salvatore has lived 3 decades of our Carnival as a protagonist. The first editions showed potential but did not grow due to many difficulties. We remember a majestic float with an all-iron lobster made by Master Erasmo Amato and Salvatore was among the wrappers with frozen hands. When the hours of construction were over, Salvatore used to go straight to the dance rehearsals: a proper One man show! Salvatore remembers with great affection the masters of the past: Mario Scannapieco, Silvio, Elia etc. As president he made floats such as "Beauty and the Beast", "The Simpsons" and "Si Salvi Chi può" which were built behind the shacks of the current market area.

Today, Giosuè Pastore’s dream of a Grand Carnival is alive again. Congratulations, dreamer!

Grand Carnival of Maiori

Amalfi Coast


+ (39) 389 672 9968
Maiori, 84010 (SA)

11th - 13th - 18th February 2024